Ashtray/Window switch surround cover fits: 996 and Boxster 986

This product was developed after I bought a "carbon fiber dash kit". What I received looked like a big puffy sticker that didn't wrap around the switch panel and was so thick that it interfered with the opening and closing of the ashtray cover. It was also very shiny and caused annoying reflections and sun glare. I wanted something much thinner and flexible enough to wrap around the entire panel so it didn't look like I applied a big puffy sticker on my dash. What we were able to develop is this very product. It is made of a thin, self adhesive vinyl material that is light and flexible. It is precision cut to fit the panel and ashtray cover perfectly. The material also has more of a satin finish with a carbon fiber texture to it. No more distracting glare. We offer it in black carbon fiber or silver carbon fiber. Complete installation instructions are included. Fits all 996 and 986 models including Carrera C2, C4, C4S, Cabriolet, Turbo, Turbo S, GT2, GT3, Boxster and Boxster S. Fits both left and right hand drive models. Niine Design Ashtray/Window switch surround cover Copyright 2011 all rights reserved. Price includes free shipping worldwide.

Ashtray/Window switch surround cover fits: 996 and Boxster 986
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  • Item #: 996-APSC
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