Carbon Fiber Finish Fuse Panel Covers fits: Boxster Cayman 981

This product is a self adhesive vinyl with the look and feel of real carbon fiber that is precision cut to fit over your existing Porsche Boxster 981 or Cayman 981 fuse panel lid. Once installed, your factory lids will be protected from scuffs and scratches that can occur just from normal use. They also give the panel lids the appearance that they are made from real carbon fiber but do not come with the incredible cost of real carbon fiber components. Even if you were to but these items made from real carbon fiber for hundreds of dollars, they would still be susceptible to damage. Two precision cut covers for both of your existing fuse panel lids are included. They are available in a variey of colors and finishes. Black carbon fiber, silver carbon fiber, grey carbon fiber, red carbon fiber, matte silver and matte black are available. Select the matte black color if you want to keep a factory appearance but want to protect your panels from damage. Free shipping anywhere in the United States is included. Discount worldwide shipping is also available. All of our products are in stock and will ship the same day that the order is received. Please feel free to contact us via email with any questions at

Carbon Fiber Finish Fuse Panel Covers fits: Boxster Cayman 981
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